This unicorn enthusiast and ex-college cheerleader exudes ‘big kick energy’! After college, CrossFit served as the perfect outlet for Becca to still compete (and flip upside down occasionally). With a knack for teaching, Becca is passionate about helping members unlock their potential!

Hometown | Clayton, North Carolina

Alma Mater | East Carolina University


Favorite CrossFit movement | Snatch and overhead squat


Favorite cheat food | Cheese fondue

Favorite movie | Mulan


Favorite book | I am Malala


Fictional Character Persona | Mulan


Hogwarts house | Gryffindor


Dinner guest list | Stevie Nicks, Ghandi, Anne Frank 


As a CPA, it's no surprise that Tony applies an analytical and methodical approach to fitness.  With an emphasis on safety and injury prevention, Tony believes proper mechanics are the most important aspect of any fitness program. With an unhealthy tattoo obsession, Tony is not your stereotypical accountant. In his free time, Tony enjoys playing guitar and listening to an absurd amount of Audible.

Hometown | Burlington, North Carolina

Alma Mater | East Carolina University


Favorite CrossFit movement | Box Jump


Favorite cheat food | Pancakes

Favorite TV show | The Office (the only correct answer)


Favorite book | American Psycho


Fictional Character Persona | Vision (Avengers)


Hogwarts house | Durmstrang (not Hogwarts - Viktor Krum's school)


Dinner guest list | Kurt Cobain, George RR Martin, and George A Romero


COACH NORA | UESCA Certified Running Coach | CF-L1

Our running specialist is built different - she eats marathons for breakfast and supplements her race training with CrossFit. If you're looking to improve your marathon time or you just want some tips on running your first 5K, this is your girl! Nora utilizes research-based running practices to help clients achieve their goals.

Hometown | Jackson, New Jersey

Alma Mater | University of North Florida

Favorite CrossFit movement | All variations of the clean and jerk!


Favorite cheat food | The cheesiest pizza

Favorite TV show | The Office OR Dexter


Favorite book | Elvis and Me


Fictional Character Persona |If Leslie Knope and Indiana Jones had a baby


Hogwarts house | Hufflepuff


Dinner guest list | Des Linden, Cher, and Walt Disney

COACH TRACY | CF-L1, CrossFit Kids Certified 

If you need someone to whip your kids into shape, this is your girl - Coach Tracy specializes in youth training. For Tracy, CrossFit is all about the community: "I love the fact that within the CrossFit community people from all walks of life can come together for a common purpose. We can all suffer together and build each other up. Even if life outside the gym feels like too much I know I can come to the gym and my community will lift me up and always stand beside me."

Alma Mater | Winthrop University, Converse College


Favorite CrossFit movement | Pull-up


Favorite cheat food | Pancakes

Favorite TV show | Friends


Favorite book | The Nightingale 


Dinner guest list | My Great Grandmother (who walked the Trail of Tears), Jesus, and Robin Williams


DR. JESS | Doctor of Chiropractic

Our in-house chiropractor is different from your typical doctor. As an ex-college soccer player, she knows what it means to be an athlete (and to sustain injuries). CrossFit became an outlet for Dr. Jess in 2018 after she finished playing soccer. With her specialization in sports rehabilitation, she fits right in! Jess has a huge sweet tooth, a love-hate relationship with cardio, and would spend every single day at the beach if she could. We are so excited to have her!

Hometown | New Orleans, Louisiana

Alma Mater | Belhaven University & Palmer College of Chiropractic


Favorite CrossFit movement | Clean & Jerks


Favorite cheat food | DONUTS

Favorite movie | Mamma Mia! 


Favorite book | The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo


Fictional Character Persona | Joey from Friends


Dinner guest list | Harry Styles, my dad, Blake Lively

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