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The Program

Runners rejoice! The goal of this speed and conditioning program is to increase your maximum running speed and endurance. Whether you are training for a race, looking to supplement your distance training, or simply looking to improve your aerobic capacity and get a great workout, this is the perfect solution for you!

How it Works

This program will deliver three (3) workouts a week. While two out of three of these workouts are offered in a coach-led group setting (Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings - typically 45-60 minutes), all workouts may be performed remotely, if preferred.

The workouts are measurable (i.e. for time, for distance, etc...). Performance is tracked via our private social networking platform, SugarWOD. This app tracks your workout results and allows you to compare your performance with other participants and build a supportive local community. The weekly workouts will be released to SugarWOD every Sunday.

When and Where

We train on the West Orange Trail, with our hub/meeting spot at CrossFit Trailside in Oakland, FL (300 Countyline Ct, Ste. A).

In-person classes are held:




FULL ACCESS | $100/month

Access to 3 workouts per week and 2 in-person group sessions per week with performance tracking via SugarWOD

JOIN NOW! ($100) >

REMOTE ACCESS | $20/month

Access to 3 workouts per week with performance tracking/community support via SugarWOD

JOIN NOW! ($20) >

All plans are month-to-month with no commitment. Cancel any time.


UESCA Certified Running Coach | CF-L1

Our running specialist is built different - she eats marathons for breakfast and supplements her race training with CrossFit. If you're looking to improve your marathon time or you just want some tips on running your first 5K, this is your girl! Nora utilizes research-based running practices to help clients achieve their goals.

- 4x Marathoner with 2x Boston Qualifiers
- 20+ Half Marathons
- 2x Ultra Marathoner (50k and 50 miler)
- Helped multiple athletes PR in multiple distances

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