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Trailside Run Club is Almost Here!

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Hey Trailside athletes!

The CrossFit Trailside Run Club is here to help you achieve your running goals - whether you just want to run to flush the legs after the past week's heavy lifting sessions or you are training for a race. The main goal is to offer a wide variety of running workouts in a structured, fun environment.

You may not know it yet, but you may be a runner.

I wasn’t always a runner, I didn’t run track or cross country in high school. As a matter of fact, I played field hockey (where running was a punishment) and then weight lifting (where I only ran to 'make weight'). One day, everything changed. Freshman year in college I finally started to run for FUN - I know, shocking!! Ever since then, I fell in love with the sport. I started racing, exploring new cities, making new friends and it just felt great.

Benefits of a Run Club:

Motivation and accountability - Whether your motivation comes from the sense of self-improvement or not wanting to disappoint your coach, having a group to run with will challenge and reward you in new ways.

Community - When you’re with a group of people for a while on a regular basis with nothing to do but talk, sweat, and keep running, you get to know them in a deep and meaningful way.

Run farther - Maybe in the back of your mind, you want to run a marathon one day. Running with a group of people will help you run farther and farther with time.

Run faster - Completing a speed workout with other people is WAY more motivating than doing it alone. No matter how motivated you are to hit a certain pace, having another runner beside you will make you run faster than you would solo.

Have fun - You can literally run in a million different ways! There are endless combinations of places, surfaces, distances, etc. Not everyone will always stay together, but the sense of community that comes from being out on the road together makes it more fun than doing it alone sometimes.

Learn more - Even though I have been running for over a decade at this point, I still feel like there is still so much to learn! Like new places, cool gear, races, fueling, etc. Talking with other runners, I am sure we can all learn from each other in regards to something!

Common Questions or Concerns:

What if my pace is slower than others in the group?

There are absolutely no pace requirements here! If you feel you may be slower than most of the group, guess what…you will get faster by being around them because it provides encouragement! Most runners do not start out fast, they get there because of inspiration, motivation, and the crazy runner’s high that we have all latched on to. And walking is 100% okay! Especially in this FL heat.

The group will naturally break off into smaller groups as paces change and the group gets bigger - but my goal is to make sure everyone feels welcome.

Will every Sunday meet-up be the same?

Nope! Some days we will just go out and run for time, other times maybe distance, sometimes we will work on speed, and other days it will be hill work. Or if you have a race coming up, let us know! Long runs as a group are way less boring. :) Everyone doesn't always have to do the same workout - because everyone has different goals, but the sense of community will help you get to your goal faster and smarter!

Is the Trailside Run Club part of my membership?

Yep! For the first year, all of the CrossFit Trailside Members have the opportunity to be a part of the Run Club as part of their membership.

Does the Trailside Run Club offer formal coaching or training programs?

The club itself does not offer formal coaching, but members exchange ideas while running, over coffee, through emails, the club blog, etc.- so it could definitely be helpful to your goals! If you are interested in specific training programs, reach out on the website.

Can I expect to improve my running and fitness if I join?

ABSOLUTELY, but it all depends upon what you are willing to invest. So, if you are serious about setting goals and achieving them, you will improve your fitness and running by joining the club. Your goals can range from wanting to run a race, to wanting to be able to set a new record for your mile during a WOD.

The Trailside Run Club believes in running and training together in groups because we hold each other accountable while running in a positive environment. Whether you are sweating it out together for intervals or completing a regular run, a group atmosphere provides the motivation to push yourself to better fitness and faster times. This will be different if you are accustomed to running by yourself, but if you give us a chance we think you will enjoy it and see improved running results while meeting new friends.

Join us for our first meet-up on Sunday, September 12th at 6:30am. We will meet at the gym, warm-up, and head out for an introductory 30-minute run on the West Orange Trail. All you need is a pair of running sneakers. And then stay after for some Yoga to set you up for a great week!

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